New Life Ministry Baptist Church
"A Ministry of Hope in Times of Despair"
About our Pastor

Dr. Kenneth Foy, Sr. is a pastor, counselor, husband and father.  He has been married to his beautiful wife, Angela, for more than twenty-seven years and together they have two daughters, Reagan and Angel. Pastor Foy was baptized at an early age, however he had his first genuine encounter with God shortly after his incarceration in March 1985.  Somehow he knew that his incarceration had a direct correlation to his persistent rejection of Jesus Christ.  Notwithstanding, he remembered the words of his dear mother reminding him that if he ever found himself in a situation with nowhere to turn or no one to turn to, try Jesus.  Exactly three days after his incarceration, Pastor Foy received Jesus Christ in his life as his personal Lord and Savior.  Thus, like the parable of the lost son in the book of Luke, prison became the place where he came to himself.  Not only was Pastor Foy saved in prison, but prison was also the place where he received his call to ministry.

After serving more than ten years in prison, Pastor Foy enrolled in New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (NOBTS).  In October 1997, he was ordained a minister at Elysian Fields Baptist Church, pastored by Dr. Ken Taylor.  Then in May 1998, he obtained an Associate's degree in Christian Education.  By December 1999, he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Pastoral Ministries.  Then in December 2002, he accomplished a Master's of Arts degree in Marriage & Family Counseling.  Armed with a degree in counseling, Pastor Foy sought and secured licensure fro the State of Louisiana as a Marriage and Family Therapist in March 2005.  However, this was not enough for Pastor Foy, he insisted on pursuing a Doctoral degree.  As a result of his tenacity, in December 2010, he achieved his Doctorate in Ministry with a specialization in Pastoral Counseling.

Dr. Foy currently serves as pastor of New Life Ministry Baptist Church located at 10054 S. I-10 Service Road in New Orleans East.  He pastored New Life Ministry for nine years prior to Hurricane Katrina.  In April 2009, Pastor Foy and his wife Angela, rebooted New Life Ministry with only eight family members. Along with ministry, Dr. Foy also provides counseling services as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist.  He is extremely passionate about strengthening marriages and relationships within the African American Community.  Therefore, this passion sparked the Rekindle the Fire Marriage Ministry.  Additionally, Dr. Foy serves as an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Southern University at New Orleans where he enjoys pouring into the lives of young adults through higher education.

Pastor Foy has more than fifteen years of experience in providing substance abuse education and treatment.  Through God's grace, he has developed the "Eight Essentials of Recovery".  In his work, Pastor Foy has found these eight essential to include principles of the Bible and the "Twelve Step" program.  He believes these essentials are thought of and taught as a faith and works approach to recovery while in treatment. Today, Pastor Foy has served in the capacity of counseling for more than seventeen years and served more than nineteen years in pastoral ministry.  He provides counseling within both a clinical and ministry setting.  This education and training is offered through seminars, workshops, and marriage retreats.  Furthermore, Dr. Foy provides lay counseling training for individuals who desire to provide counseling within ministry context and/or  setting.

Dr. Foy provides lay counseling from a holistic approach in which he combines theology and psychology.  To this extent, he desires to facilitate healthy living on every level including : spiritual, psychological, emotional, and social levels.  Dr. Foy uses a collaborative approach in therapy with his clients.  He encourages his clients to assist with their treatment by creating treatments goals along with their desired outcome. As a servant of God, Pastor Foy has dedicated his life to advancing the kingdom of God.  He has overcome adversity and has dedicated his life to ministry.  Marrying Theology to Psychology has allowed Pastor Foy to commit himself to the work of God while passionately serving the community.

Pastor Foy at Graduation with his daughters, Reagan and               Pastor Foy at New Life Ministry Baptist Church former       Angel, Mother Thelma Foy and wife Angela Foy.                            location with wife Angela, Elder Mae Wrought, Deacon       Alexander and Mother Thelma Foy