New Life Ministry Baptist Church
"A Ministry of Hope in Times of Despair"
Our Church History

In 1996, Pastor Foy and first lady, Angela, started a bible study in their home.  As the bible study group grew, so did the need for a larger place.  After sharing this need with Dr. Ken Taylor, pastor of Elysian Fields Baptist Church, he graciously allowed us the use of their facility.  On November 6, 1996, we held our first public bible study.  Not long after, we sensed the need to do something more, so we began praying about the matter.  Exactly, one month later, December 1996, we held our first Sunday worship service.  Sometime in 1997, Pastor Foy met with officials at the New Orleans Baptist Association.  The result of that meeting gave way to the birth of New Life Ministry as a New Church Plant in the city of New Orleans.

While praying for direction in ministry, we were inspired to develop a praise team to lead us in praise and worship.  After the praise team was established, we then turned our attention to developing a Sunday school program.  Approximately six months later, we held our first Sunday school program with three age appropriate classes.  Meanwhile, we made a conscious decision to start training more teachers.  Upon completing the training, we increased our Sunday  school program to seven age appropriate classes.  Before long, New Life Ministry had evolved into a full grown ministry with various extended ministries.

After six years, God blessed us with the opportunity of purchasing our own building.  The prospect of purchasing our own building generated a spirit of excitement among the members.  Once we were all moved in, our new community afforded us the privilege of doing outreach ministry through evangelism and witnessing  The outreach ministry granted us the opportunity to both develop and cultivate new relationships within the community.  Upon expanding the work beyond four walls, we became determined to promote the Gospel of Christ with intentionality.

To our surprise, the excitement of ownership assisted us in successfully growing into a strong and healthy ministry.  Unfortunately, we did not calculate a storm named Hurricane Katrina.  We assumed that New Life Ministry would out live us all.  But like many other churches, we too were totally unprepared to overcome the devastation of this catastrophe.  New Life Ministry had crashed beyond repair.  The church body was scattered, our homes were lost, and families were disconnected.  It appeared that the city of New Orleans would not recover.  Notwithstanding, we were proven wrong, for God had other plans for both New Orleans and New Life Ministry.  God had overruled both the devastation of Hurricane Katrina as well as our personal expectations in the matter. 

Then in April 2009, Pastor Foy and first lady, Angela, decided to reboot this awesome work of God.  Once again, with the support of the New Orleans Baptist Association and the Louisiana Baptist Convention.  Today, we again give glory to God as we celebrate our new place of worship at 10054 S. I-10 Service Road.  Subsequently, it took us exactly six years to secure our own place once again.  It has become amazingly clear to us that God has a definite plan for New Life Ministry.  For this cause, we thank each of you for your labor of love and support in the rebooting and return of this ministry.  Please continue to pray for us as we prepare for the great things God has in store for the New Life Ministry Baptist Church.  "For if God be for us, who can be against us?"

Our First Service in our New Edifice, Easter Sunday 2015